Code of Conduct as a gaming video platform is also a community of gamers. The core of any community-focused website is a respectful community, and this is what we all want to foster. A respectful community makes for the best experience between users, and your respect for others is just as important as their respect for you.

We have a simple, common sense code of conduct for users and partners to follow, to ensure’s community can stay just the way we like it: enjoyable. Violating the code of conduct may result in warnings, the deletion of offending posts, or the deletion of an offending user account, depending on the severity of each situation.

Users Code of Conduct

  • Do not harass others. This includes excessive swearing, direct and indirect insults, flaming, trolling, racism, sexism, and any other form of discrimination and generally being extremely rude to others on or posting links that directly harass users. As well, there is a line between playful bragging, and harshly belittling others, please stay on the positive side of it.
  • Refrain from posting your personal identification information, or the personal identification information of others, like home addresses, passwords, phone numbers, ID numbers, financial information and related information. Posting such information puts yourself and others at risk of identity theft.
  • Do not give to others, or post publicly, your log-in details. It is okay if someone else browses while using your computer with your permission. We simply do not want anyone actively impersonating you.
  • Do not spam. This includes making posts that make no sense, one word posts, and posting spam links. Spam accounts are a large problem on the internet, and appearing as such an account may result in the deletion of your account. If you’re just having honest fun and goofing around in a way that does not harm others, you’ll be fine.
  • Do not post pornographic content or links. welcomes gamers of all ages, thus, all content must be appropriate for the general public.
  • Do not use for illegal activity.

And that’s the basics! Enjoy G2PO!

Partners Code of Conduct

Some users have the ability to post videos on G2PO. These users are part of the G2PO Partners Program. Just like regular users, they too must follow the code of conduct, as well as follow additional guidelines to ensure that the videos users watch are appropriate, and do not degrade users, or the functionality of

  • All video content you post must be original content created by you. You are free to include sourced video within your content, however directly uploading content you did not create is not permitted. For example, if a video game publisher has sent you a game trailer, you cannot upload it directly to your channel. However, you can for example create an analysis video about the trailer, and include footage from the trailer. This rule is to avoid duplicate content on G2PO, and to avoid copyright and monetization issues.
  • If posting mature video, mark it as mature. A simple guideline is the ESRB Mature rating guideline, “contains intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.” If your video contains any of these, make certain to mark your video as “mature” when uploading, so that G2PO’s age-verification mechanism is enabled.
  • G2PO is completely open to you promoting yourself, your brand, your content, your websites, and your intellectual property in your videos, and help you earn revenue so you can keep doing what you’re doing; but what is most important is that your video content is relevant to gamers. If your video basically has no real content and is solely directing users off of, then your video is not appropriate for Make sure your video content actually contains content.
  • Please use the available video description options respectfully. Describe your video, post relevant links, use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you’re simply posting YouTube links below your video, your audience on G2PO will not grow, and all the spin off benefits to other G2PO Partners is nullified.
  • Don't cheat the system. G2PO utilizes a video gravity score and a number of other methods to determine placement of videos on Popular, Featured, and Related video lists throughout the site. Utilizing artificial methods to boost video gravity scores and ratings so videos appear on these lists more frequently may result in your videos no longer considered for these lists or in the termination of your account.
  • Unless video footage is distributed from developers or publishers or you have received access to a game for coverage directly from developers or publishers with express written permission to post such video footage prior to the official street release date, do not post video footage from games prior to their official street release date. This rule is to address footage from pirated games and accidental early shipments, and respect embargoes.
  • Recorded gameplay without the inclusion of commentary and/or other supplementary media may not be uploaded to G2PO.
  • If you are a part of the G2PO Partners Program and are posting video content on G2PO, you must agree to and abide by our Terms of Service and Copyright Policy.